Forced Migrations review, consacre son numéro d’avril (N° 30) aux migrants de Birmanie, victimes de migrations forcées mais aussi aux réfugiés palestiniens, au cas du Kenya au Brésil… Cette édition est en anglais, en attendant sa version francophone qui devrait paraître courant juin 2008.

Burma’s displaced people
Forced displacement of Burmese people
Inge Brees

Burma : in urgent need of change
Douglas Alexander

The international community’s Responsibility to Protect
Kavita Shukla

Landmines : reason for flight, obstacle to return
Yeshua Moser-Puangsuwan

Forced relocation in Burma’s former capital
Donald M seekins

Under attack : a way of life
David Eubank

State of terror : women at risk
the Karen Women’s Organisation

Carving out humanitarian space
Jean-François Durieux & Sivanka Dhanapala

Defining ‘forced migration’ in Burma

Humanitarian aid to IDPs in Burma : activities and debates
Ashley South

Supporting IDP resistance strategies
Poe Shan K Phan & Stephen Hull

Responses to eastern Burma’s chronic emergency
The Thailand Burma Border Consortium

Reproductive health in Burma : a priority for action
John Bercow

A sense of home in exile
Sandra Dudley

Technology in the Borderlands
Rachel Sharples

Neglect of refugee participation
Marie Theres Benner, Aree Muangsookjarouen, Egbert Sondorp & Joy Townsend

Community-based camp management
Sally Thompson

Access to justice ad the rule of law
Joel Harding, Shane Scanlon, Sean Lees, Carson Beker & Ai li Lim

Invisible in Thailand : documenting the need for protection
Margaret Green, Karen Jacobsen & Sandee Pyne

Burmese asylum seekers in Thailand : still nowhere to turn
Chen Chen Lee & Isla Glaister

Rohingyas and refugee status in Bangladesh
Pia Prytz Phiri

Without refuge : Chin refugees in India and Malaysia
Amy Alexander

Migration and trafficking : putting human rights into action
Nikolas Win Myint

Asia’s new boat people
Chris Law

Myanmar’s forgotten people
Myi Nyi Kyaw

Difficult to remain : the impact of mass ressettlement
Susan Banki & Hazel Lang

Karen voices on resettlement
The Karen Women’s Organisation, Sarah Fuller & Eileen Pittaway

Educational change in protracted refugee context
Marc van der Stouwe & Su-Ann Oh

To Sheffield with love
Patricia Hynes & Yin Mon Thu

Additional ressources

General articles
Palestine refugees in the contemporary context : a view from UNRWA
Karen Abu Zayd

Improving Kenya’s response to internal displacement
Alex Otieno

GBV in post-election Kenya
Jane Some

Brazil : ten years of refugee protection
Maria Beatiz

Counter trafficking in Japan
Naoko Hashimoto

Medical examinations within EU asylum procedures
Erick Vloeberghs & Evert Bloemen

Tertiary examinations within EU asylum procedures
Claas Morlang & Carolina Stolte

Measuring the enjoyment of rights in Colombia
Jacob Rothing & Marco Romero

Faith, relief and development : the Sri Lanka experience
Guy Hovey & Amjad Saleem

New UK underclass
Demelza Jones

RSC – Humanitarian space on a fragile state
Simon Addison

Feature : IDPs in peace processes
A seat at the table for IDPs
Donald Steinberg

Involving IDPs in the Darfur peace process
David Lanz

The displacement-peace nexus
Khalid Koser

RAISE – The value of rapid RH response
Diana Barnes Brown

NRC – Azerbaïjan : internally dosplaced amidst a booming economy
Petr Kostohryz

IDMC – Bearing witness to displacement in Georgia
Anne-Sophie Lois

UNHCR – Local integration : reviving a forgotten solution
Alexandra Fielden & Jeff Crisp

Endnote – Clowns in Damascus
Sybella Wilkes